Insured Money Market Accounts

If you are looking for an account to put your personal or business’s available funds to work for you, then try our Insured Money Market Account. You will earn interest on your deposits, and still have the assurance that your funds are liquid. You can make up to six withdrawals per month. Why not let your money earn you more money, open an Insured Money Market Account today!

Insured Money Market Account

Minimum to Open: $2,500.00

Monthly Service Charges:

    –Balance above $2,500: $0.00
    –Balance below $2,500: $11.00

Account Features:

· Interest is accrued for each day during which the balance equals or exceeds $500, based on FNB Coweta’s variable IMMA Prime Rate.
· For balances falling below $2,500 minimum, interest rate will drop to FNB’s variable Now Prime Rate.
· Transfers are limited to six (6) with only three (3) per month by check.