Setting Up My Account

Opening up a checking or savings account at FNB Coweta is quick, easy, and reliable. FNB Coweta’s application will guide you through the process. If you have questions along the way, we’re here to help. Visit any FNB Coweta location or call us at (918) 486-6561. Thank you for choosing FNB Coweta.


Steps to Switching to FNB Coweta

Step 1: Set up your new account with FNB Coweta.

— Fill out the FNB Coweta application and bring it to the nearest FNB Coweta location to set up your account.

Step 2: Stop using your old account

— Let your checks clear and destroy any unused checks, deposit slips and ATM/debit cards from your old account.

Step 3: Gather information from your old account

— Make a list of bill payment items that you want to transfer to your new FNB Coweta account.
— Make a list of automatic payments, withdrawals and direct deposits that you want to transfer to your new FNB Coweta account.

Step 4: Contact individuals or businesses

— Contact all vendors, individuals, or businesses identified from your old account and provide new account details.

Step 5: Close your old account

— Balance your old account to make sure you don’t have any pending debits or credits. Then mail an Account Closure Letter to your previous financial institution, or you may call them.


Welcome to FNB Coweta! We look forward to serving you.